The Commanders Corner

             COMMANDER Jeffery Bowen

   Jeffery (Jeff) Bowen joined the United States Army from Grosse Ile, Michigan as a private in 1974 and retired as a Sergeant First Class in 1998. He spent 23 years in the service and has deployed to Kuwait, Grenada, Panama, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Honduras. He participated in Project Indian Town Gap, Operation Desert Storm, Desert Sheild, Desert Hope, Urgent Fury, Operation Just Cause and multiple Bright Star Rotations. He served as a 62B Engineer Maintenance Supervisor. Through his career, he has served at numerous duty stations and led many great soldiers along the way. He started basic training and advanced training at Fort Leonardwood, Mo. Then he spent time active duty at Fort Knox, KY then in 1978 he transferred to the United States Army Reserves until 1980. In 1980, he came active duty once again and went overseas in 1981 to Dexheim, Germany. After 4 years in Germany, the Army sent Bowen to Fort Stewart for the 1st time in 1985 until 1988 where he deployed to multiple locations. After his time at Fort Stewart, he left on a year-long tour to Camp Giant, South Korea in 1988-1989. Camp Giant was located at the DMZ until 2004 and then the Republic of Korea (ROK) took control of the camp. Bowen was then sent back to Fort Stewart, GA for his 2nd time in 1989-1992. During this time at Fort Stewart, Bowen took part in Desert Storm, Desert Sheild, and Desert Hope. The Army then sent Bowen in 1992 to Germany until 1995. He came back to retire at Fort Stewart, GA. Bowen helped with security at the 1996 Olympics and a 6-month rotation to Bright Star Egypt. He is married to Teresa Bowen for 43 years. He has 3 kids which are all prior service and 8 grandkids. After the Army, Bowen spent 17 years as a firefighter for the city of Midway. Bowen joined the American Legion Post 321 in 2003 to help other veterans find a place of comradery, military service and a sense of community. He is excited to lead the American Legion as the Post 321 Commander 2019-2020.