• Casey Nash

What a summer for Post 321

You know summertime is suppose to be about great vacations, pool splashes and spending time relaxing, but Post 321 was busy make waves throughout the community. Where to start? In May, we were busy "hustling" ensuring our meeting went smooth and becoming a part of the Farmers Market for Military Appreciation night. In June, we spent a hot Saturday supporting our local veterans with information about VA benefits, American Legion Benefits and local jobs. In July, we hosted our American Legion Officer Induction ceremony. We appointed new officers and say the least had a feast. We were graced by Lisa Ring and the post commander and CSM. We also had a gentleman that was there speaking about the free phone program for the hearing impaired. What a great way to start the season off with a bang! But our hearts were holding a heavy loss on 27 July, we lost a valuable member, an irreplaceable member, Alan Patterson. Alan was always there to lend a hand and serve the community. He will be deeply missed in each event we have but I know his spirit will drive all of us to become better legionnaires.

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